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Daily Economic Update

Monday, July 28th

The pending home sales index was released this morning and it shows a slight decline from last month’s 103.82 this month’s 102.7. There there is a split between the sales of new homes which are week order existing homes still are doing okay. There was a dip in the South however a gain was seen in the Midwest and a small gain for the West.

The Dallas federal manufacturing survey was released this morning in that region shows strong strength in manufacturing the production index which shows the state of manufacturing conditions was very strong increasing to 19.1 from 15.5. This shows that output grew at a faster pace than it did in June. The new orders index was very strong doubling 13 from 6.5. Capacity utilization also showed a lot of strength nearly doubling 18 from 9.2 in June. Not to be left behind the shipments index skyrocketed from 12 points to 22.8 points and it should be noted this is the highest level since January 2013 the labor markets in this region also reflected growth in employment and longer work weeks. The survey also revealed that expectations regarding future business conditions remain optimistic for the month of July.

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