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2015 Newsletters

12/15/15: It pays to ask questions in the world of finance
12/1/15: Spending the time going over the numbers is worth it
11/24/15: Robo-Advisors: Money-maker or investment mistake?
11/17/15: Consequences of holding a stock for too long
11/10/15: What could a Fed Rate Hike mean for your portfolio?
11/03/15: GoPro: An example of why you should learn from history
10/27/15: Don't get scared off by oil companies
10/13/15: Mutual funds may not be your best option
10/6/15: Look out for "Financial Planners" and "Wealth Investors" who aren't concerned with clients' investment returns
9/29/15: The millennial generation has it all wrong when it comes to investing
9/22/15: Ignore the hype -- research health, biotech stocks carefully
9/15/15: Why my investment firm is different
9/1/15: Volatile markets, stop-loss orders and goodbye
8/25/15: Jobless statistics by the numbers
8/18/15: Get ready for Tesla stock shock!
8/11/15: How long will people collect on long-term care policies?
8/4/15: Investing in 3-D printing takes patience
7/28/15: Buy high, sell low? Investors let their emotions control strategy
7/21/15: There's no treasure in Alibaba stocks
7/7/15: Educate yourself on the shell games of Wall Street
6/30/15: A Greek deafult would sting but not burn
6/23/15: Bonds too risky to qualify as a safe investment
6/9/15: Real estate investment isn't always a good deal
6/2/15: Michael Kors: A luxury brand to consider
5/26/15: Beware master limited partnerships' taxes
5/19/15: You've got debt: Verizon, AOL merger a risky buy
5/5/15: Starbucks stock is grounds for concerns
4/28/15: Mutal funds, ETFS too faulty to be reliable
4/21/15: A scan of 3D Systems shows money is better spent elsewhere
4/14/15: Company had warning signs before '60 Minutes'
4/7/15: Tesla's pretty cars belie it's unsightly numbers
3/31/15: Builder of Homes Could Build Your Portfolio
3/24/15: Don't Trust First Trust Deeds
3/10/15: "I am happy to say, "I survived an SEC audit"
3/3/15: Don't get caught in emotional hype of IPOs
2/24/15: Stocks are risky when investors don't do their research
2/10/15: Investment advisors through the decades
2/3/15: Avoid taking a bite out of Sysco stock
1/27/15: Share happiness, not just Coke stock
1/13/15: Think three steps ahead in energy investment
1/6/15: 2015 is looking good, but watch out for 2016!
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