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Mar 6th, 2018

The stock market was jittery again today due to an announcement that the U.S. will place tariffs on steel and aluminum products. I think this is over done, and by December 31st of this year, people will wish they had invested in the right stocks. Yesterday, Consumer Confidence was released coming in at 130.8, a level not seen in years and demonstrating that consumers feel good and are spending. Also, pending home sales revealed that nationwide home prices are up 7.8% and that there were 14% fewer homes for sale in January. The inventory of homes for sale is near all-time lows at 3.6 months. Think about that and you will understand why I’m investing money now because of where we will be come December 31, 2018!


Feb 27th, 2018

It was just a short while ago in 2015 that Fitbit was the exciting new company with great growth potential. The stock price reflected that exuberance and was trading near $50. Fast forward to today and the stock is trading at $4.86 after missing estimates for sales, earnings and future guidance. Based on the fundamentals this company was never worth $50, but the excitement for its product and potential growth fueled the stock too high.

Is day trading returning?

Feb 26th, 2018

After a long run of low volatility in the stock market, day trading is unfortunatley finding renewed interest. While exciting, most of the time it is not profitable to anyone except the firm doing the trades. Daytrading, defined by the securities and exchange commission, is a trader with $25,000 in equity in their account before trading and is active in the same security on the same day for four or more times in five business days. Our recommendation, ignore the excitement and invest properly!

Walmart Declines

Feb 21st, 2018

Walmart (WMT) was down another 2.75% today after it’s 10% loss yesterday. The 10% decline was the worst single day decline for Walmart in over 30 years. The stock declined after concerns over ecommerce growth troubled investors. Walmart ended the quarter with positive same store sales and overall sales beat expectations, but the ecommerce growth of 23% came in below expectations. I liked Walmart in the low $70s, but even after the pullback the current price of $91.52 gives us a forward P/E of 17.4. I like to buy companies at a forward P/E of 10-12.

Wells Fargo

Feb 5th, 2018

Wells Fargo stock price is under pressure today, following the sanctions the Fed released on Friday. The Fed directed the bank to replace multiple board members and placed a limit on Wells Fargo’s growth. Wells is not allowed to grow its assets beyond the $1.95 trillion it had at the end of last year. The company has estimated the actions will result in a cut of $300-$400 million this year. We still believe there are many great financial companies to invest in, but with all the uncertainty and the negative sentiment from consumers we would avoid Wells at the current time. This should also be a benefit to other banks, as they should be able to capture more market share.

Jobs Report

Feb 2nd, 2018

It’s the first Friday of the month, which means the Jobs report has been released! For January payrolls saw an increase of 200,000 jobs, which is above the consensus estimate of 175,000. The prior month was also revised from 148,000 to 160,000. This report kept the unemployment rate at a strong 4.1%. The big news was average hourly earnings grew 2.9% year over year which was above the estimate of 2.6%. Wage inflation should lead to normal inflation which supports rising interest rates. After the report, the 10 year stood at 2.85%. This increase has caused concern in the stock market, but it is important to find fundamentally strong companies that don’t need to take on expensive debt.

Some Good, Some Bad

Feb 1st, 2018

Apple’s quarterly reports are always among the most anticipated. After a strong holiday season for consumers, this report had some positives and negatives. The two negatives from the report were lower than expected guidance for the first quarter of the calendar year and iPhone sales missed expectations. On a positive note, total revenue and EPS topped estimates as the average iPhone price came in above expectations and revenue from services, apple watch, air pods, and other products helped boost the company’s sales. Apple also reported cash and investments has grown to a record of $285 billion.


Jan 31st, 2018

Tesla set to burn through more cash? Through the first 3 quarters last year, Tesla burned through $3.8 Billion from operations and capital expenditures. This was financed through issuance of stock and different bond offerings. It has now been reported that Tesla is marketing the idea of a $546 million bond deal that is backed the leases of its Model X and Model S. The company continues to burn through money and find new ways of financing. At some point the company will have to turn a profit, or creditors will want their money back and the company would be forced into bankruptcy.

Be careful what you pay for

Jan 26th, 2018

Intel reported a great quarter and the stock was seen soaring over 10% for the day. While Intel’s stock performance has been strong over the past few years, it still has not reached all time highs set during the tech boom. Today’s price was the highest the company has seen since September 2000, but it still has room to grow for investors that bought at the peak during the tech boom. The lesson here is be careful what you pay for a company. Investors during the tech boom thought Intel was going to the moon, little did they realize that nearly 18 years later they would see a stock price lower than what they initially paid.


Jan 25th, 2018

Using key words, such as cryptocurrency or blockchain, have caused huge jumps for some companies and their stock prices. Eastman Kodak announced the launch of the KodakCoin and the stock jumped from $3.00 to over $11.50. Moves like this are the true definition of bubbles and overreaction. It is interesting to learn that Bank of America has 48 blockchain related patents and patent applications, yet the stock has not had a meteoric rise like these other cryptos. If it is not the blockchain that provides value then what causes the cryptos to surge? We believe that blockchain is here to stay and the banks will leverage this technology, but the rapid rise in a plethora of cryptos will not be a sustainable investment strategy.

A Small Cap Perspective

Jan 23rd, 2018

Small cap stocks have done quite well since the election of Donald Trump as expectations for decreased regulation and lower taxes have helped improve outlooks. The problem is valuations now look very concerning for this group. The Russell 2000, the Small Cap index, now trades at 29x expected 2017 earnings. Currently 34% of companies in the Russell 2000 are losing money and if included in the Index the P/E multiple for 2017 jumps to 56x. We like to sell companies when they hit 16.5x earnings, so the Russell 2000 is looking very expensive. Another area of concern for this group is the debt. Net debt levels have more than doubled over the past 5 years. Companies with high debt levels and high valuations are ones that I like to avoid.

Government Shutdown

Jan 19th, 2018

A potential government shutdown is looming, should you panic with your investments? The answer is no. Over the last 18 shutdowns since 1976, the market has produced an average decline of just 0.6%. In fact, 44.4% of the time, the market has ended on a higher note after a government shutdown. In the most recent case from 2013, the government was shutdown for 16 days and the market saw a return of 3.1%. While the news sounds frightening, don’t let your emotions deter you from sound investing principles. Just think, with a government shutdown are people going to stop eating, shopping, and consuming other products and services?

Big News for Apple

Jan 17th, 2018

Apple reported big news for the US economy today. With the lowered repatriation tax rate, the company is bringing billions back to the United States. Apple plans on investing $350 billion in the U.S. over the next 5 years. This includes investments in manufacturing, the creation of 20,000 new jobs at existing campuses, and the opening of a new campus. At the end of the September quarter, Apple had $252.3 billion in overseas cash. The company anticipates a repatriation tax of $38 billion which would mean they are repatriating approximately $245 billion.

Paycheck Bump

Jan 16th, 2018

Get ready to see a bump in your paychecks! Most Americans should see an increase in take home pay as employers and payroll companies adjust to the new tax laws. According to a recent study, a married worker that makes $60,000/year should see an increase of approximately $112/month or $1,344/year. With more money in consumers’ pockets, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an increase in consumer spending which would help increase the GDP.


Jan 16th, 2018

Cryptocurrencies are crashing today. Bitcoin falls to below $10,000 on coinbase. This is a far fall from it’s high of $19,870. Ripple, another popular cryptocurrency, fell below $1.00, which is also well off its high of $3.29.

Holiday Shopping Rates

Jan 12th, 2018

The holiday season is now over, which means we can now take a closer look at the data from holiday shopping. Sales during November and December increased 5.5% compared to last year for a total of $691.9 Billion. This was the largest increase since the end of the Great Recession. Retailers that saw the best results were those that sold building materials, furniture and electronics. While not as strong as other areas, clothing and accessories still saw an increase of 2.7% compared to last year. While Brick and Mortar may be slowing due to online it certainly is not dying. Companies that can offer a strong omni channel experience will be the winners in the future of retail.

Balance in the oil market?

Jan 11th, 2018

Oil prices have been surging as of late with Brent Crude oil breaking through $70/barrel and WTI breaking through $64/barrel for the first time since December 2014. With the OPEC and non-OPEC oil cuts, the UAE energy minster believes 2018 will be the year supply and demand achieve balance in the oil market. This has been very supportive of oil prices and we continue to believe the right oil companies will thrive in this environment.

2018 Tax Reform

Jan 11th, 2018

Walmart has joined a list of at least 81 other major companies to increase some type of wage hike, bonus, or benefit since the signing of tax reform. Walmart will increase its starting pay from $9-$11 and also provide eligible employees with a one-time bonus of up to $1,000. Many companies are very excited about tax reform and it should be a huge benefit for company profits. This is great for shareholders of these companies as earnings and equity will increase which increases the value of the company.

GoPro a No-Go

Jan 9th, 2018

On Monday, GoPro released a plethora of bad news. The company reduced guidance, cut jobs, ended its drone business, and lost two key executives. This sent the stock to a fresh 52 week low of $5.04. This is a long way off from the all-time high of nearly $90 that was achieved in 2014. The company was able to pad the stock price as it announced it is putting itself up for sale. With all the concerns centered around GoPro, I am curious what company will want to acquire it.

Shake Shack

Jan 8th, 2018

Are you hungry for Shake Shack stock? Chase and our Financial Planner, Harrison Johnson, tried the new one in UTC and were not too impressed. For a single burger, it cost close to $9 and that did not include fries or a drink. They prefer In-N-Out; even Ruth’s Chris has happy hour deals for $9, which includes a burger and fries or a steak sandwich and fries. As an investment, I am concerned, as it is currently trading at a forward P/E of 72. This is well above the long term average of 16.5. What are your thoughts on eating at Shake Shack?

Disney Making Some Chnages

Dec 14th, 2017

Watch out Netflix! Disney agreed to acquire Fox’s movie and television assets in a $52 billion deal. Fox will maintain its news and sports divisions and Fox shareholders will own 25% of the new Disney company. This is big news for Disney as they begin to make a push into their own online streaming services. With the acquisition of Fox they will gain a larger share in Hulu and also see new content from the studio. Much of the preference for streaming services should come down to the quality of content. If Disney begins to pull Fox content from Netflix, it could change consumer preferences.

Value Investing

Dec 12th, 2017

The expensive market continues to be a major concern for people. It is important to remember that it is a market of stocks rather than a stock market. Look for value in areas that are not as popular. If you look at the FANG stocks, which consists of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, they trade at an average Forward Price/Earnings multiple of 69.5. This is compared to a beaten down retailer in our portfolio that trades 13x future earnings. While retail may not be as exciting as technology, remember that in the end, value always matters.

Red Flags to Look Out For

Dec 11th, 2017

Today marks the 9-year anniversary of Bernie Madoff’s arrest. He had orchestrated the largest financial fraudulent scheme in U.S. history. It is reported that Madoff cheated his client’s out of $65 billion. As a money manager one of the top questions I receive is how to insure clients will not be Madoffed? The first red flag is guaranteeing attractive returns. With the 10 year treasury at about 2.4% if someone is guaranteeing 15%/year I would be very skeptical. The second red flag is a lack of an investment philosophy. If you do not understand your advisors philosophy, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with their process. Ponzi schemes do not incorporate sound investing philosophies. The final and most important red flag is make sure there is a third party custodian. Madoff was holding the money which allowed him to redistribute it to other investors. At my firm we use both LPL and Charles Schwab as our custodians. The third party insures that the money and your account is kept in your name.

Venmo & Apple Pay

Dec 7th, 2017

Venmo has been an exciting product for Paypal as it has been very popular with the younger generation. Apple may see an opportunity to take market share and provide a money transfer product. Apple pay cash is now available with the new iOS 11.2 update. After adding money to your digital wallet on your Apple phone you are able to transfer money to friends and use the apple pay feature at your favorite stores. You can send money to friends via a text or even by asking Siri. The app is simple to use and helps Apple expand their Apple Pay and Wallet feature, which could help improve their service business that had annual revenue of $30 Billion and is now the size of a Fortune 100 company.

Amazon & Google Compete

Dec 6th, 2017

Amazon and Google may be some of the most loved stocks over the last few years, but right now there appears to be no love for each other. The companies are battling in various businesses which include hardware, content, cloud computing, and digital advertising. As competition heats up the companies may take actions to try and increase its own reputation. In a recent example, Google is removing YouTube from Amazon’s devices. This comes after Amazon refused to sell Google’s Chromecast, Home smart speaker, and other hardware. Be careful with investments in these two companies as valuations are high and competition should continue to heat up.

Booming Economic Evironment

Dec 5th, 2017

CEOs are feeling optimistic about the current economic environment. An index measuring responses from 150 CEOs advanced to 96.8 from 94.5. This is the highest reading since 2012. Capital spending which can help drive the economy through company investment increased to 92.7 from 86.4 and produced the highest reading since 2011. CEOs indicated that labor costs were the top cost pressure. As the labor market tightens, employers have to pay more for top level employees. We believe this will continue to be a problem for employers. This is still a benefit for the economy as employees have more money in their pocket. This was the first time in 6 years that regulatory costs did not top the list of cost pressures. The economy is alive and well and it is important to find the right companies that will continue to benefit from this stock market rally.

Cuts in Oil Output Extended

Nov 30th, 2017

As many expected, OPEC and non-OPEC producers which includes Russia agreed to extend the oil output cuts through the end of 2018. This action will attempt to clear the excess surplus and re balance the oil market. The agreement did not have a major impact on oil prices as much of the news was anticipated and concerns linger about U.S. production replacing the cuts. It is also important to remember that many places in the Middle East pose risks of disruption which would benefit oil prices. We still believe long term oil prices will find a home in the $60-$70/barrel range and that there are some great value opportunities in the energy sector.

GM Strives For More

Nov 29th, 2017

General Motors has been testing self-driving Bolts in San Francisco. The reason for the location is because of the high activity in the location. GM President, Dan Ammann, says the car sees more in 1 minute of driving in San Francisco compared to 1 hour of driving in Scottsdale, Arizona (The location where Waymo has its pilot program). GM has begun to unveil its program to the public and has allowed several journalists to ride in the self-driving car. CEO, Mary Barra, will unveil more details as she outlines the strategy for autonomous vehicles tomorrow. This is not the old car manufacturing GM as it strives to provide viable transportation solutions in the future. It also trades at strong valuations and has a good dividend of 3.5%. This could be a company worth further research.

Shaky Grounds For Qualcomm & Broadcom

Nov 29th, 2017

After Qualcomm’s rejection of Broadcom’s $103 Billion bid, Broadcom is looking at different options to acquire the company. Broadcom is finalizing a full slate of candidates for Qualcomm’s board. The deadline for nominations will be December 8th. If Broadcom is able to secure enough board seats it could force the two companies to discuss the acquisition. This deal contains a lot of uncertainty and we would not want to be a shareholder in either of these companies at the current time. Not only is the uncertainty a deterrent, but many of the valuations are too expensive.

Consumer Confidence

Nov 28th, 2017

Consumer confidence is soaring at the right time. Leading into the holiday season, consumer confidence hit its highest level since November 2000. At 129.5 confidence surpassed the consensus estimate of 124.5 and last month’s reading of 126.2. This should make for a good holiday season since consumers are feeling optimistic. It is estimated the holiday retail sales excluding automobiles, gasoline, and restaurants will increase between 3.6% and 4.0% to record sales between $678.8 billion and $682.0 billion.

California Living

Nov 21st, 2017

Living in California commands a hefty premium for the location and the weather. The median list price across CA is $499,950. If you are looking for a more affordable mortgage payment and are willing to move to a different state, you may want to consider West Virginia, Ohio, or Arkansas. West Virginia has the lowest median list price in the country at $150,000 and a monthly mortgage payment of $693. Ohio came in next on the list with a median list price of $154,000 and a monthly mortgage payment of $704. Arkansas came in third with a median list price of $164,900 and a monthly mortgage of $757. If the top 3 states do not intrigue you, Indiana and Iowa rounded out the top 5. Moving states could generate a ton in savings, but is it worth it to you to give up the nice year round weather? For reference, the approximate mortgage amount for the CA house would be approximately $1,909.


Walmart Perseveres

Nov 16th, 2017

Look out Amazon! WMT isn’t scared. Walmart shares were up more than 10% this morning as the company blew past estimates. The company posted online sales growth of 50% for the quarter and noted that food was a major driver as it saw its strongest quarter in 6 years. Same store sales growth of 2.7% exceeded the expectations of 1.7% and sales growth was the highest since 2009. Walmart continues to invest in its online platform and is ready to continue its battle against Amazon. Brick and Mortar stores will continue to have a place in the future economy, but the ones that learn how to properly supplement online without overspending will be the ones that survive and thrive.


These Wings Are Soaring

Nov 14th, 2017

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) soared 25% today due to a $150/share offer from Roark Capital. The stock had been under pressure as it was trading over $175/share last year and found itself trading at a low of $95/share this year. BWLD fits with Roark’s positions in Jimmy Johns, Arby’s, Auntie Anne’s, Carvel, and Moe’s. The company also recently exited a position in Wingstop. While the company has some expertise in food and recent success in wings, Roark is paying 27.4x December 2018 estimated GAAP EPS of $5.47. I would consider that a pricey multiple for wings and beer.


Looking at GE

Nov 13th, 2017

GE was trading down more than 8% to a new a 52 week low as the new CEO announced plans to simplify the business and cut the dividend in half. The CEO, John Flannery, believes the company has become too complicated and plans on reducing its focus to aviation, power, and healthcare. Based on the fundamentals and earnings, I believe this company has been too expensive since 2015 when it was around $28/share. We do not currently hold this company, but we have held it a few different times in the past.


Good Value Retailers

Nov 9th, 2017

Today was an important day for retail as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s all reported earnings. These reports had some mixed findings, but there were some major strengths that were found in the reports. Macy’s ended the day up 11%, Nordstrom was up 4.5%, and Kohl’s was up nearly 1%. Retailers continue to remain as a good value, but it is crucial to find the right ones.


Voting Class Stocks

Nov 8th, 2017

Looking at companies such as Under Armour, Twenty-First Century Fox, and Alphabet (Google); you may notice there are two different ticker symbols for each company. The reason for these different tickers is the voting rights that accompany the shares. The voting class shares (GOOGL, FOX, UAA) typically trade at a premium to the non-voting class shares (GOOG, FOXA, UA). When investing it is important to look and understand at what you are buying. Voting class stock may not sound that important, but it could be a big issue during a takeover bid.


Red Robin: Delicious, But Worth It?

Nov 7th, 2017

Red Robin (RRGB) missed on sales and earnings and lowered its Q4 guidance. This sent the stock plunging nearly 30% for the day. The company has a good debt position, but a current ratio of 0.55 raises questions on the company’s liquidity. Even after the pullback the company still trades at a forward P/E of 14.3. While you may enjoy a burger at Red Robin, I would still avoid buying this stock.

Broadcom Offers $103B for Qualcomm

Nov 7th, 2017

Broadcom made a $130 billion offer for Qualcomm today. This would be the largest tech deal in history and shareholders would get $60 in cash and $10 in Broadcom stock. Qualcomm is likely to reject the offer as they feel like the offer undervalues the company. The uncertainty with the Apple litigation has hurt the earnings estimates moving forward. If we look out to September 2019, estimated GAAP EPS of $2.91 would give us a target sell price of $48.02. This is well below the current price of $62.52 and Broadcom’s offer of $70.

Employment Rates Move Up

Nov 3rd, 2017

The U.S. economy added 261,000 jobs in October. This fell below the estimate of 325,000, but both September and August numbers were revised higher. This report resulted in an unemployment rate of 4.1% which is the lowest level since December 2000. Average earnings remained flat over last month but increased 2.4% over the prior year. With consumer confidence high and wages increasing, we could be gearing up for a positive holiday season.

Be Careful What You Pay

Nov 1st, 2017

Under Armour (UAA) was down nearly 24% today as the stock closed at $12.52. This comes after the company reported sales and earnings that missed estimates. The big concern is the company has now slashed its guidance for the rest of the year. It has been quite the fall for Under Armour (UAA) which was trading at $50/share last year. At that time the company had valuations that were at nosebleed levels. Whether it is retail, technology, or the other industries be careful how much you pay for a company’s fundamentals.

Regulating Social Media

Oct 31st, 2017

Facebook is set to report earnings tomorrow. One area of concern I have had with this company and other digital advertisers is increased regulation. After the recent election it was found that a Russian group posted more than 80,000 times during and after the election on Facebook. These posts reached potentially 126 million users. This has been a hot topic for congress lately and increased regulation could hinder growth and earnings for these companies.

Stick With The Fundamentals

Oct 27th, 2017

We continue to maintain our position that strong value equities are the best investment at the current time. With increasing interest rates, many investors will begin to question the safety of bonds. As interest rates increase, bond prices fall. In a recent study from Bank of America, we saw Global fund managers raise concerns over rising interest rates as 82% expect bond yields to rise in the next 12 months and 85% believe bond prices are overvalued.


Not All Bad News

Oct 26th, 2017

Nationwide Pending home sales have fallen for five of the past six months, but don't blame the economy. Inventories of existing homes continues to decline reducing the supply of homes for sale in spite of rising prices. It is a great time to be a home builder trying to add to the supply side of the equation of homes for sale. Newly built homes jumped 19% month to month.

Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

Oct 25th, 2017

Social Security recipients and other retirees will see a cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase of 2.0%. This follows 2016 where there was no adjustment and 2017 where there was a small increase of 0.2%. This means that retirees will see an increase in benefits, but before you get excited it is important to note that increase will only be $25/month for the average beneficiary. Relying on Social Security or small pension plans is not a recommended retirement strategy, it is important to save for your retirement years so you can have a retirement you enjoy. There are many different options when it comes to filing for your Social Security benefits. If you are confused about the best option contact our Financial Planner, Harrison Johnson, at 858-546-4306.

Chipotle Making Its Way Down

Oct 25th, 2017

Chipotle (CMG) has reported a lackluster quarter once again and the stock is being punished as concerns over a longer than expected revival take place. The stock price has fallen below $275/share. We said Chipotle was expensive at $750 and on the way down at $500, $400, and even now under $275 we still think it is expensive. We currently have a target sell price of $165.50 and I would not be surprised to see that target price decline over the next few weeks. Another good example of why you don’t overpay for the earnings of a company....


"Bad News" Bitcoin

Oct 25th, 2017

As Bitcoin rises in price so does the number of smart investors saying to stay away. Yesterday morning on CNBC, well known billion dollar investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal (who has many investments in the U.S.) said Bitcoin will “implode” and related to the scam from Enron. He joins the list of smart money guys like JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink (who called Bitcoin an index of money laundering). I know people continue to want to get in, but I too have recommended stay away. Even Jordan Belfort, the infamous “Wolf of Wall Street”, called it the biggest scam ever. Remember the saying it takes one to know one? When the music stops there will be many without chairs!


Will Oil Prices Increase in the Long Term by Brent Wilsey

Will Oil Prices Increase in the Long Term?

Oct 23th, 2017

OPEC General Secretary, Mohammad Barkindo, believes demand for oil will continue to grow. He foresees oil demand to surpass 100 million barrels per day by 2020, this is well above the current 2017 estimate of 96.8 million barrels per day. If demand continues to rise and supply stabilizes or declines prices for oil will increase.


Moving On to Bigger and Better Opportunities by Brent Wilsey

Moving On to Bigger and Better Opportunities

Oct 20th, 2017

Today we sold one of our large holdings. We have held this company for several years, but today it hit our target sell price. While we liked holding this company, we are glad we were able to raise some cash to look for a new company trading at a good value. While we believe the stock market is expensive, there still are some great value opportunities if you find the right companies. In fact, we just made a large purchase on Tuesday of a company we expect great things from over the next few years.


NFL Ratings Continue to Slide by Brent Wilsey

NFL Ratings Continue to Slide

Oct 18th, 2017

Through the first 6 weeks of the season viewership has fallen 7.5% compared to the first 6 weeks last year and 18.7% compared to the first 6 weeks of 2015. Ratings continue to fall as they are down 6% season to date. If you hold companies such as CBS, Twenty-First Century Fox (FOX), Disney (DIS), and AT&T (T) you may want to research the NFL’s impact on the company.

Netflix Priced too High by Brent Wilsey

Netflix Priced too High

Oct 17th, 2017

Netflix stock has now topped $200 after reporting growth in sales, earnings, and subscribers. The problem here is the company made just $0.37/share in the most recent quarter and trades at 93x Forward Earnings. That is way too expensive for estimated earnings and is a risk I want to avoid.

Dividends Can Help Your Portfolio  Article by Brent Wilsey

Dividends Can Help Your Portfolio

Oct 11th, 2017

Dividends can account for more than 50% of a stocks long term return. In 2016 dividends just from the S&P 500 were $404 billion. For 2017 it is estimated they will be $436 billion, a 7.7% increase. Keep in mind these are just from the 500 companies in the S&P 500. Investment tip: while I point out dividends are important, an investor should never blindly invest in a company just because of a high dividend yield.

Is Equifax sinking fast? [VIDEO]

September 8th, 2017