Brent and Chase's Smart Investing Briefings

May 5, 2017: Have You Received Your Tax Refund Yet?Brent and Chase talk about the average federal refund for this tax season; IRS very cost effective; as is Intuit (INTU)
April 25, 2017: Is The 20% Tariff On Canadian Lumber Really A Big Deal? It appears Canada is subsidizing; American lumber mills cannot compete.
April 20: Big Biz Show on 1700AM ESPN Part 4Brent and Chase discuss 4/20; Profits rising for Verizon but do they own the right companies and could that cause complications; One big mistake millennials everywhere are making; Recap on strength of U.S. market after devastating events (i.e. Savings & Loan Crisis); Why iPhone is still more powerful than Samsung Galaxy
April 20: Big Biz Show on 1700AM ESPN Part 3Brent and Chase discuss 4/20; Profits rising for Verizon but do they own the right companies and could that cause complications; One big mistake millennials everywhere are making; Recap on strength of U.S. market after devastating events (i.e. Savings & Loan Crisis); Why iPhone is still more powerful than Samsung Galaxy
April 20: Big Biz Show on 1700AM ESPN Part 2 Brent and Chase discuss 4/20; Profits rising for Verizon but do they own the right companies and could that cause complications; One big mistake millennials everywhere are making; Recap on strength of U.S. market after devastating events (i.e. Savings & Loan Crisis); Why iPhone is still more powerful than Samsung Galaxy
April 20: Big Biz Show on 1700AM ESPN Part 1 Brent and Chase discuss 4/20; Profits rising for Verizon but do they own the right companies and could that cause complications; One big mistake millennials everywhere are making; Recap on strength of U.S. market after devastating events (i.e. Savings & Loan Crisis); Why iPhone is still more powerful than Samsung Galaxy
April 13, 2017: The details of overbooking flights and should you now invest in United Airlines Brent & Chase discuss the details on what happens when flights are overbooked; where United Continental Holdings stand
March 28, 2017: New Levels For Consumer Confidence. Will Apple Continue To Shine? Consumers experiencing newfound confidence in investing; Brent and Chase discuss Apple’s buy price
March 24, 2017: Should You Invest In Pot Stocks? Is Amgen Too Expensive To Pay? Brent and Chase discuss whether or not marijuana stocks are trustworthy; Amgen too high priced
March 23, 2017: Will The Local Sears Disappear? Do You Have Trouble Saving? Brent and Chase caution against overspending and encourage saving more; SEARS going down
March 21, 2017: Where You Are Most Likely To Meet A Millionaire & How To Invest In Oprah Brent and Chase tell us the top states in the U.S. someone is most likely to meet a millionaire; Discovery Communications holds the Oprah Winfrey Channel, Discovery Channel, as well as Brent’s and Chase’s seal of approval
March 17, 2017: Lucky Facts For St. Patrick’s Day Some quick facts about St. Patrick’s Day; Brent and Chase discuss whether or not to invest in Calway Golf
March 9, 2017: After 8 Year Bull Market Signs: Still More To Come Brent and Chase discuss investors hesitancy to invest; Lumber liquidators moving forward.
November 30th, 2016; OPEC Cuts Production; Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) Brent and Chase discuss oil; specifically OPEC cutting production and the company Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO). 
November 28th, 2016; Holiday Shopping Predictions; FedEx Corp. (FDX) Brent and Chase discuss the upcoming holiday shopping season and analyze the company FedEx Corp. (FDX).
November 23rd, 2016; Thanksgiving Facts; Hormel Foods (HRL) Brent and Chase get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow by discussing some interesting Thanksgiving facts, plus analyze the company Hormel Foods (HRL).
November 21st, 2016; Robotic Bartenders, Cheescake Factory Inc. (CAKE) Brent and Chase discuss robots replacing human bartenders, and analyze the company Cheesecake Factory, Inc. (CAKE). 
November 18th, 2016; McDonald's  (MCD) Brent and Chase discuss McDonald's changing to table service, plus look at the company's numbers. 
November 14th, 2016; Shortfall in state pensions; CVS Health  Brent and Chase we discuss a 1 trillion dollar shortfall in state pensions, plus analyze the company CVS Health.
November 11th, 2016; Don't let new highs scare you away; Capital One  Brent and Chase discuss not letting new highs scare you away in the stock market, and analyze the company Capital One
November 9th, 2016; Results of Election Day; Lockheed Martin  The results are in! Brent and Chase discuss investing after the shocking Election Day, plus analyze the company Lockheed Martin. Pull up a chair in the WAM boardroom and listen in!
November 7th, 2016; Election Day; AetnaBrent and Chase discuss Election Day and the company Sonic Corp.
November 4th, 2016; Pullback in Expensive Artwork; Analyzing AetnaBrent and Chase  discuss a pull back in expensive artwork, plus look at the numbers for the company Aetna
November 2nd, 2016;  Facts abpout Social Security; Procter & Gamble What do Tom Brady and Mr. Clean have in common? Also, we will be sharing some surprising facts about Social Security that you may not have known. Tune in with Brent and Chase! 
October 28th, 2016; Understanding GDP; The Clorox CompanyDo you understand the components of GDP? Also, did you know Clorox owns brands such as Burt's Bees, Kingsford Charcoal, and Glad? Tune in to watch Brent and Chase's thoughts on these topics!  *ATTN*: At approximately 5 minutes our broadcast was interrupted by a poor Wi-Fi connection, please stay tuned as the video resumes about 10 seconds later!
October 26th, 2016; The Numbers Behind the World Series + Tiffany & Co.The Cleveland Indians may have won Game 1 of the World Series, but we are going to take a deeper look at the financial numbers behind the series. Plus how does Tiffany & Co. tie into the World Series?
October 11th, 2016; Government’s Costly Policy on Student LoansBrent and Chase discuss the government forgiving student loans and the company Polaris Industries Inc. (PII).
October 10th, 2016; Uncertainties Over Trump/Clinton Presidencies Could Delay CFO SpendingBrent and Chase discuss CFO's delaying spending due to the election, and the company Caterpillar Inc. (CAT).
October 7th, 2016; Concerns at Wells Fargo Carryover to Wells Fargo AdvisorsBrent and Chase discuss Wells Fargo advisors potential concerns and the company Molson Coors Brewing Company (TAP).
October 5th, 2016; Paychex and 401k’s, Are They Right for You?Brent and Chase investing in retirement plans and the company Paychex, Inc. (PAYX). 
October 4th, 2016; Is Google Search Providing the Results You Want?Brent and Chase discuss online advertising and the company Texas Roadhouse, Inc. (TXRH).
September 30th, 2016; Is the Detroit Job Market the Place to Be?Brent and Chase discuss the best cities for millennial jobs, and the company Lear Corp. (LEA).
September 29th, 2016; Battle of the Sexes: Who Makes Worse Investment Decisions?Brent and Chase discuss the investing habits and differences between men and women, and the company Dunkin' Brands Group (DNKN)
September 28th, 2016; OPEC Cut Helps Fuel Chevron HigherBrent and Chase discuss the latest news in the oil market and the company Chevron (CVX).
September 27th, 2016; Trump & Clinton’s Presidential Debate had some interesting numbersBrent and Chase discuss interesting numbers and facts about the presidential debate, and look at the company Nielson Holdings (NLSN).
September 26th, 2016; GrubHub: Great for Ordering Food, but is it a Great Investment?Brent and Chase discuss ordering takeout online, and the company GrubHub (GRUB).
September 23rd, 2016; Holiday Spending Set to Rise, Even with Uncertainties in the EconomyBrent and Chase discuss retail spending for the upcoming holiday season, and the company Steven Madden, Ltd. (SHOO).
September 22nd, 2016; Is Cord-Cutting a Growing Problem for Cable Companies?Brent and Chase discuss a decline in cable subscribers, and the company Comcast Corporation.
September 21st, 2016; Twitter’s NFL Livestreaming Off to a Good StartBrent and Chase discuss Twitter's livestreaming of NFL games, and the company Under Armour (UA). 
September 20th, 2016; Can Buffalo Wild Wings Add Some Spice to your Portfolio?Brent and Chase discuss the 529 Plan for college savings, and the company Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD).
September 19th, 2016; Can Sempra Energy Electrify Your Portfolio?Brent and Chase discuss the housing market index and the company Sempra Energy (SRE).
September 16th, 2016; Amazon Gets Target Price of $1,000, but is that good? Brent and Chase discuss having an umbrella policy and the company Amazon (AMZN). 
September 15th, 2016; IBM & How Beneficial are Stock Buybacks?   Brent and  Chase discuss stock buybacks and the company International Business Machines (IBM).
September 14th, 2016; What You Don’t Know About Stock Investing Brent and Chase discuss why stocks get a bum rap and look at the company Southwest Airlines (LUV).
September 13th, 2016; More Than Meets the Eye Behind Wells Fargo $185 Million FineBrent and Chase discuss Wells Fargo's recent charges, and the company Bank of America (BAC).
September 12th, 2016; Why It’s Important to Rollover Old 401ks into an IRABrent and Chase rolling over 401ks into IRAs, and the company ULTA Salon (ULTA). 
September 9th, 2016; Baby Boomers Divorce Rates are at All-time HighsBrent discusses baby boomers divorce rates and the company Restoration Hardware Inc. (RH). 
September 8th, 2016; Outlet Stores Are Booming!Brent and Chase discuss outlet stores' popularity, and the company Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT).
September 7th, 2016; Should the Fed Increase Rates at The September Meeting?Brent and Chase discuss the latest JOLTS Report, and the company Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ). 
September 6th, 2016; Are You More Productive Working at Home?Brent and Chase discuss a recent survey about working from home, and the company ManpowerGroup Inc. (MAN).
September 2nd, 2016; Labor Day Provides Great Car DealsBrent and Chase discuss September being a great month to buy a car, and look at the company General Motors (GM).
September 1st, 2016; Are You One of the Many Home Renters in America?Brent and Chase discuss the number of renters in the U.S. being at a 50 year high, and the company Zoetis Inc. (ZTS).
August 31st, 2016; Uber/Lyft-Like Service Takes to the WatersBrent and Chase discuss ride-sharing services for boating and the company Carnival Corporation (CCL).
August 30th, 2016; Ireland Says No Thank You to Apple’s $14.5 Billion in Back TaxBrent and Chase discuss Apple Inc. owing Ireland back taxes, plus the company Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF).
August 29th, 2016; Caesars Entertainment Stock Does Not Appear to be a Good GambleBrent goes over the numbers on back-to-school shopping and the company Caesars Entertainment 
August 26th, 2016; Will Zika Stocks infect your Portfolio?Brent and Chase discuss if now is the time to be buying Zika-related stocks, and the company Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO).
August 25th, 2016; Don’t Take Financial Advice from Athletes Such as Mike Tyson & Vince Young Brent and Chase go over the financial mistakes of many professional athletes, and look at the company Take-Two Interactive (TTWO).
8/24/2016; Can Toy Maker, Mattel Inc., Bring Some Joy to Your Portfolio?Brent and Chase discuss Generation Z's savings habits, and look at the company Mattel, Inc. (MAT). 
8/23/2016; Is Now the Time to Buy DR Horton with New Home Sales Surging?Chase discusses the rise in new home sales and the company DR Horton Inc. (DHI).
8/22/2016; Phelps, Ledecky & Biles Help U.S. Grow Medal Count at the OlympicsBrent and Chase discuss the 2016 Summer Olympics' expenses, and the company Ralph Lauren Corporation (RL). 
08/19/2016 Will the Pebble Beach Concours D' Elegance Improve Ferrari's Stock Price?Brent and Chase discuss the giant car event in Pebble Beach, Concours D' Elegance, and take a look at Ferrari stock (RACE).
August 18th, 2016; Harvard, Pennsylvania, Stanford and Cal Berkeley Produce the Most MillionairesBrent and Chase discuss universities attended by millionaires and the company Micron Technology (MU). 
August 17th, 2016; Are Differences Between Baby Boomers and Millennials Affecting Restaurants?Brent and Chase discuss the dining out habits of Baby Boomers vs. Millennials, and the company Brinker International Inc. (EAT).
August 16th, 2016; How Accurate Are These Polls On the Trump/Clinton Race?Brent and Chase discuss telephone polls regarding the election, and the company Twitter (TWTR). 
August 15th, 2016; Can Lowe’s (LOW) Provide Some Repairs to Your Portfolio?Brent and Chase discuss the lower number of home foreclosures within the past year, and the company Lowe's Companies Inc, (LOW). 
August 12th, 2016; Uncle Sam: The Rich Uncle That Cries PoorBrent and Chase discuss the current U.S. debt level and the company Weight Watchers International (WTW).
August 11th, 2016; Is the increase in cost of college tuition really worth it?Brent and Chase discuss the huge increase in college tuition over the last 40 years, and the company Grand Canyon University (LOPE).
August 10th, 2016; Is General Electric (GE) a Good Company to Diversify Your Portfolio?  Brent and Chase discuss the "Nifty Fifty" from the 60's and 70's and the company General Electric (GE).
August 9th, 2016; Wells Fargo and the United States are in a Strong Cash PositionBrent and Chase discuss cash in the United States and the company Wells Fargo (WFC).
August 8th, 2016; Should Apple Stock (AAPL) Be One of Your Core Investments?  Brent and Chase discuss corporate debt and the company Apple, Inc. (AAPL).
August 5th, 2016; Cloud Technology: Will it Have a Similar Result as the "Dot Com" fallout?Brent and Chase discuss whether you should be investing in IPO's, and the company Box Inc. (BOX).
August 4th, 2016; Do You Really Need Life Insurance?Brent and Chase go over whether everyone needs life insurance, and look at the company MetLife (MET).
August 3rd, 2016; Is Financial News Really Making You Smarter?Brent and Chase discuss if watching financial news is actually beneficial, and the company Time Warner Inc. (TWX).
August 2nd, 2016; Stocks: You Can’t Afford to Not Invest in ThemBrent and Chase discuss inflation and stocks providing a real return, as well as the company Tyson Foods (TSN). 
August 1st, 2016; Is Now the Time to Invest in Gold?Brent and Chase discuss whether it is worth investing in gold, and the company Coeur Mining (CDE).
July 29th, 2016; Are Baby Boomers Giving a Boom to the RV Industry?Brent and Chase discuss an increase in shipments in the RV industry, and the company Winnebago Industries (WGO). 
July 28th, 2016; Understanding the financial transaction tax that Hillary Clinton now supportsBrent and Chase discuss the financial transaction tax and the company SodaStream (SODA).
July 27th, 2016; Who’s Responsible for your Retirement?Brent and Chase discuss a recent survey of best countries for retirement security, and the company FedEx Corp. (FDX).
July 26th, 2016; New Home Sales Continue to ClimbBrent and Chase discuss the rise of new home sales and the company Skechers (SKX).
July 25th, 2016; Can Domino’s Deliver a Big Return? Brent and Chase discuss whether now is the time to invest in pizza companies, and specifically the company Dominos Pizza (DPZ). 
July 22nd, 2016; Home Improvement Spending on the RiseBrent and Chase discuss spending on home improvement looking strong and the company Boise Cascade Company (BCC).
July 21st, 2016; Are Hedge Funds Worth the High Investing Fees?Brent and Chase go over if hedge funds are worth the fees and the company Boston Beer Company (SAM). 
July 20th, 2016; Can Priceline (PCLN) get you to your Retirement Destination?Brent and Chase discuss the sale of small businesses and the company The Priceline Group (PCLN). 
July 19th, 2016; Which is Best for your Retirement: a Roth or Traditional IRA/401(k)?Brent and Chase go over this week's Smart Investing Newsletter, which discusses Roth vs. traditional IRAs, and the company Whole Foods Inc. (WFM)
July 18th, 2016; You could live to Age 100; How will you be Investing?Brent and Chase discuss more Americans living to the age of 100 and The Michaels Companies (MIK). 
July 15th, 2016; With the rise of Pokémon Go, how are Google and Apple benefitting?Brent and Chase discuss the latest gaming craze, Pokémon Go and the company Gap Inc. (GPS). 
July 14th, 2016; Does it make Sense to Invest in Ballast Point and Mondavi Wine?Brent and Chase discuss Bastille Day and terms we use today that came from the French, plus the company Constellation Brands (STZ). 
July 13th, 2016; Will Twinkies get your Portfolio Back in Shape?Brent and Chase discuss the "return" of Hostess Twinkies and the company Brunswick Corporation. 
July 12th, 2016; Do Target Date Funds Miss the Mark?Brent and Chase discuss this week's Smart Investing Newsletter on target date funds and the company Sirius XM (SIRI).
July 11th, 2016; Could Americans’ Saving Habits be a Problem?Brent and Chase discuss statistics on Americans' money-saving habits and the company Barnes and Noble (BKS).
July 8th, 2016; Job Report leads to Stock Market RallyBrent and Chase discuss the current job market and the company Robert Half International (RHI).
July 7th, 2016; Will Apps Replace the Carrying of Cash?Brent and Chase discuss money-sharing apps vs. cash and the company Symantec (SYMC).
July 6th, 2016; How to get the Most out of your Social SecurityBrent and Chase discuss how to get more out of your social security and the company Harley Davidson (HOG).
July 5th, 2016; Can Hershey be a Sweet Investment? Brent and Chase discuss risks associated with bonds and the company Hershey(HSY). 
July 1st, 2016; Budweiser: Is this “American” Beer really that American?Brent and Chase go over interesting facts about the 4th of July and the company Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD).
June 30th, 2016; JPMorgan Chase: Can you Bank on it as a Good Investment?Brent and Chase discuss banks and the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review, and the company JP Morgan Chase (JPM).
June 29th, 2016; Why Oil Pops for 4th of July WeekendBrent and Chase discuss the rising price of oil for 4th of July weekend and the company Exxon Mobil (XOM).
June 28th, 2016; Beware of the Pitfalls of International InvestingBrent and Chase dicuss if international investing is worth the risk and the company Corrections Corp of America (CXW).
June 27th, 2016; Update on what you need to know about BrexitBrent and Chase go over the latest involving Brexit and the company Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM)
June 24th, 2016; How Will Brexit Affect You? Brent and Chase discus Britain's decision to leave the EU and how it affects those in the United States. 
June 23rd, 2016; Could Real Estate be a Golden Opportunity?Brent and Chase discuss home equity for the U.S. housing market, and the company Goldman Sachs (GS).
June 22nd, 2016; Tesla buying Solar City…. Really?Brent and Chase discuss Tesla buying SolarCity for $2.8 Billion and the company Dave & Buster's (PLAY).
June 21st, 2016; 4 “Secret” Tips for how to become richBrent and Chase discuss what rich people do to make money and the company of the day, Square Inc. (SQ).
June 20th, 2016; Does your search for a good stock end with Google?Brent and Chase discuss bullish buy signals and the company Alphabet (GOOGL).
June 17th, 2016; If Britain exits the EU, should you exit your stocks?Brent and Chase discuss Britain's potential exit of the EU and the company Biogen (BIIB).
June 16th, 2016; Will Shanghai Disney send the stock for a ride? Brent and Chase discuss Shanghai Disney's opening, and the company American Airlines (AAR).
June 15th, 2016; Prince’s Estate just paid how much to the IRS?Brent and Chase discuss Prince's estate problems and the company Lululemon (LULU). 
June 14th, 2016; Best Buy (BBY): Can this company be the Best Buy for your portfolio? Brent and Chase discuss charitable donations in 2015 and the company Best Buy (BBY).
June 13th, 2016; MasterCard Looks OverchargedBrent discusses U.S. CFO's thoughts on political risk and the company MasterCard (MA). 
June 9th, 2106; Just how strong is corporate America?Brent discusses corporate America's financial strength and the company Bebe Stores Inc. (BEBE).
June 8th, 2016; Will Target hit a Bullseye for your Portfolio?Brent and Chase discuss oil inventories and the company Target (TGT). 
June 7th, 2016; Best Buy CEO Sells $12.8 million of Stock; Should you Follow?Brent and Chase discuss Best Buy CEO Hurbert Joly selling 12.8 million dollars worth of shares, and preview this week's Smart Investing Newsletter by looking at the numbers for the company Wendy's.
June 6th, 2016; Studio of Hunger Games, a Killer Stock?Brent and Chase discuss the Gallop U.S. Consumer Spending survey and the company Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF).
June 3rd, 2016; Can Kraft stock "Kraft" your portfolio?Brent and Chase discuss employment numbers and the company Kraft Heinz (KHC)
June 2nd, 2016; Don’t fear market volatility, Embrace it!Brent and Chase discuss market volatility and the company Mondelez International (MDLZ).
June 1st, 2016; Mutual Fund Makes Big MistakeBrent and Chase discuss a Big Mistake at TRowe Price, and look into the numbers of General Mills (GIS)
May 31st, 2016; The Secret Way to Become RichBrent and Chase discuss a recent study done by Bank of America on becoming rich, and look at the company ConAgra Foods (CAG)
May 27th, 2016; Can Northrop Grumman (NOC) Defend its Stock Price?Brent and Chase discuss Memorial Day weekend numbers and look at the company Northrop Grumman.
May 26th, 2016; Starbucks un-rewards their rewards programBrent and Chase go over the recent change in Starbucks' Rewards program, and discuss the company United States Steel  (X).
May 25th, 2016; Can Realtors keep up with the Rising Demand of New Home Sales?Brent and Chase discuss the rising number of new home sales and the company Caterpillar Inc. (CAT).
May 24th, 2016; Can Shake Shack take In-N-Out's Lunch?Brent and Chase preview this week's Smart Investing Newsletter, which discusses Carl Ichan's investments, and looks at the numbers for Shake Shack (SHAK).
May 23rd, 2016; Buffet’s Wealth may be Attributed to Something as Simple as 1+2=3Brent and Chase financial literacy and the company  Disney (DIS).
May 20th, 2016; Kohls: Should Investors Be Shopping in the Retail Sector?Brent and Chase discuss the U.S. consumer and the company Kohl's (KSS)
May 19th, 2106; Can Phil Mickelson take a mulligan on his investment decision?Brent and Chase discuss Phil Mickelson's possible criminal charges and the company Callaway Gold (ELY).
May 18th, 2016; Negativity from Trump and Clinton disproved by U.S. consumer balance sheetBrent and Chase discuss the U.S. Consumer Balance Sheet and the company LendingClub (LC).
May 17th, 2016; Energizer: Can the stock help your portfolio hop to new heights? Brent and Chase preview this week's Smart Investing Newsletter and look into the company Energizer Holdings (ENR). 
May 16th, 2016; Electronic Arts (EA): Is it time to be in the game or on the sidelines with this stock?Brent and Chase discuss how to be a good investment client and the company Electronic Arts (EA).
May 13th, 2016; Is Visa Charging Higher? : Brent and Chase preview this week's Smart Investing Show on AM-760 KFMB and look at the company Visa (V).
May 12th, 2016; Calling all realtors, independent contractors and small business owners!Brent and Chase explain SEP IRAs and look into the company Zillow (Z).
May 11th, 2016; Understanding the trade deficit; and a judge’s ruling slams Office Depot's stockBrent and Chase discuss the U.S. trade deficit and the company Office Depot (ODP).
May 10th, 2016; Is now the time to bid on eBay?Brent and Chase discuss this week's Smart Investing Newsletter and the company eBay Inc. (EBAY).
May 9th, 2016; Costco says Goodbye to American ExpressBrent and Chase discuss top three dividend paying companies in the S&P 500 and the company American Express losing its deal with Costco.
May 6th, 2016; Is T-Mobile taking AT&T and Verizon’s Lunch?Brent and Chase preview The Smart Investing Show on AM-760 KFMB and look at the company T-Mobile. (TMUS)
May 5th, 2016; Millennials on the MoveBrent and Chase discuss Panera Bread (PNRA) and millennials moving out on their own. 
May 4th, 2016; Could Freeport McMoRan go bust?Brent and Chase discuss intangible assets, and look into the company Freeport McMoRan (FCX).
May 3rd, 2016; Is Madison Square Garden stock a slam-dunk?Brent and Chase preview this week's Smart Investing Newsletter, which compares Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond. They also take a look at the numbers for Madison Square Garden (MSG). 
May 2nd, 2016; Is Starbucks' Stock Becoming Decaffeinated? Brent and Chase discuss the construction spending report just released, and the company Starbucks (SBUX). 
April 29th, 2016; Long-term investing can pay off well with fundamentally strong companies; check out Coke for the last 10 years!Brent previews Saturday morning's Smart Investing radio show and looks at the company Coca-Cola (KO). 
April 28th, 2016; Wal-Mart provides low prices, but does the stock offer value?Brent and Chase discuss the classic Wall Street advice of “knowing when to cut your losses” and look at the company Wal-Mart (WMT). 
April 27th, 2016; Oil is not the slippery slope everyone anticipatedBrent and Chase discuss energy and the company Toll Brothers (TOL).
April 26th, 2016; Give Exxon Mobil some credit!Brent and Chase preview this week's Smart Investing Newsletter, which discusses the company Marriott, and go over the numbers on the company Exxon Mobil. 
April 25th, 2016; Microsoft: Is the stock price in the clouds?Brent and Chase discuss bull markets and the company Microsoft (MSFT).
April 22nd, 2016; Is it time to pull the trigger on Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC)?Brent and Chase look into the company Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) and preview Saturday morning's Smart Investing Show on AM-760 KFMB.
April 21st, 2016; Find out why This big solar company (SunEdison) just declared bankruptcyBrent and Chase look into the current job market numbers, the economy, and discuss the company SunEdison's recent bankruptcy filing.
April 20th, 2016; Is Ford stock built Ford tough? And details on the US car marketBrent and Chase discuss car production and sales in the United States, plus the numbers on Ford Motor Company.
April 18th, 2016; Krispy Kreme Donuts… not as sweet as we would like!Brent and Chase discuss taxes in the United States (since April 18th is Tax Day) and look at the company Krispy Kreme Donuts (KKD).
April 15th, 2016; McDonald’s: Are we lovin’ it?Brent and Chase review whether or not McDonald's is a good value stock, and preview The Smart Investing radio show on AM-760 KFMB.
April 14th, 2016; You’re gonna like the way you look… men’s fashion a $67 Billion marketBrent and Chase discuss the men's fashion trends and statistics, and the company Tailored Brands (TLRD).
April 13th, 2016; Kobe Bryant has made how much per point scored?Brent and Chase discuss Kobe Bryant's final game and his career, as well as the company Wynn Resorts (WYNN). 
April 12th, 2016; These companies that have filed bankruptcy will surprise you!Brent and Chase discuss this week's Smart Investing Newsletter, which goes over surprising companies that have filed for bankruptcy in the past. Also discussed: Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW)
April 11th, 2016; Hertz: Will Uber and Lyft put a “Hert” on this company?Brent and Chase discuss Microsoft's artificial intelligence software, Tay, and the company Hertz Global (HTZ).
April 8th, 2016; Kate Spade: A luxury Retailer, but is it a high class investment?Chase discusses the company Kate Spade & Co. and previews Saturday's Smart Investing Show.
April 7th, 2016; Can the acquisition of Virgin America send Alaska Airlines soaring?Chase goes over fiduciary standard versus suitability standard, and discusses the company Alaska Air Group (ALK).
April 6th, 2016; $2.1 Trillion left overseas due to high corporate taxesChase discusses tax inversions and the company Pfizer (PFE).
April 5th, 2016;  Twitter Wins rights to Stream NFL gamesChase discusses this week's Smart Investing Newsletter and the company Twitter (TWTR)
April 4th, 2016; Can March Madess help pump up CBS Corporation?Chase goes over March Madness's effect on the economy and the company CBS Corporation. 
April 1st, 2016; Strong job market masked by rising unemployment Brent and Chase discuss the new employment report released, and preview The Smart Investing Radio Show. 
March 31st, 2016; America may be richer than you think!Brent and Chase look into whether America is rich or poor, and discuss the company Ross Stores (ROST). 
March 30th, 2016; Be on the lookout, first quarter earnings are around the corner!Brent and Chase discuss the start of earnings season, the EIA petroleum report, and the company Red Hat Inc. (RHT).
March 29th, 2016;World Tourism: A big contributor to Global GDPBrent and Chase go over the numbers on world tourism, comments made by Janet Yellen, and the company Zimmer Biomet Holdings (ZBH).
March 28th, 2016; Housing Market Shows Strength Brent and Chase discuss how Nike lost a deal with Stephen Curry, pending home sales, and the company Nike (NKE).
March 24th, 2016; Five-star Rated Mutual Funds May Not Give Star Performance Long-termBrent and Chase discuss funds 5-star ratings,  economic updates, and the company Kroger (KR).
March 23rd, 2016; How to save money when buying a new carBrent and Chase go over new car fees, energy talk, and the company Autozone (AZO)
March 22nd, 2016; Google's self-driving car hits some potholes Brent and Chase discuss Google's self-driving car, Morgan Stanley's 35 million dollar fine, and the company Big Lots (BIG)
March 21st, 2016; Watch out AT&T and Verizon, eSIM cards are on their way!Brent and Chase go over how eSIM cards could affect AT&T and Verizon, existing home sales, and the company Garmin (GRMN).
March 18th, 2016: In spite of emotions, DOW and S&P return to positive territoryBrent and Chase discuss the Dow and S&P 500, the company H&R Block (HRB), and preview the Smart Investing radio show.
March 17th, 2016; Could investing in Guinness lead you to a pot of gold?Brent and Chase go over St. Patrick’s Day, the JOLTS report, and the company Diageo (DEO)
March 16th, 2016; Do you know the Fed?Brent and Chase discuss the Fed, news on the economy, and the company Bank of America (BAC). 
March 15th, 2016; Can Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX) Cure Itself?Brent and Chase discuss tying CEO compensation to the company stock price, the New Home Index, and Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX)
March 14th, 2016; Is now the time for value investing?Brent and Chase discuss value vs. growth investing, the effect of automotive fatalities, and the alcoholic beverage company Brown-Forman Corporation.
March 11th, 2016; Is NOW the time to buy 3D printing companies?Brent and Chase go over how advisers can add performance to your portfolio, 3-D Systems Corporation, and Saturday morning’s Smart Investing radio show.
March 10th, 2016; Will NFL streaming be a touchdown for the big tech companies?Brent and Chase discuss the European Central Bank cut, the rights to NFL streaming, and Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS)
March 9th, 2016; Bull Market Turns Seven Years YoungBrent and Chase review the seven-year anniversary of the bull market, EIA petroleum status report, and the company SolarCity (SCTY).
March 8th, 2016; Disney: A magical company, but is it a magical investment?Brent and Chase discuss the world billionaire race, small business optimism and its effect on the economy, and the company Disney (DIS).
March 7th, 2016; Costco: You can get value at the warehouse but not in the stockBrent and Chase discuss the success of small businesses in 2015, consumer spending, and Costco (COST)
March 4th 2016; Could This Company Restore Your Investment Portfolio? Chase takes a look at United States Postal Service, Restoration Hardware Holdings (RH), and preview The Smart Investing Radio Show.
March 3rd, 2016; Price of the US stamp is going down...No, it really is!Chase discusses the price of the U.S. Stamp decreasing, the ISM Non-Mfg Index, and Fitbit (FIT)
March 2nd, 2016; Don’t Wait on the Sidelines with the Presidential Election LoomingBrent and Chase discuss income tax, the upcoming election, and DreamWorks Animation (DWA.)
March 1st, 2016;Motor Vehicle Sales... Built Ford Tough!Brent and Chase go over motor vehicle sales, construction spending, and this week's Smart Investing Newsletter which focuses on Nordstrom (JWN.)
February 29th, 2016; The Hidden Awards from The OscarsBrent and Chase discuss the lavish gift bags given out at The Academy Awards, GAAP and non-GAAP accounting, and Sealed Air (SEE.)